Engaging Bite Size Seminars


What Is Bite Size Seminar?

Some calls it Lunch Time Talk. Others calls it Lunch & Learn. Whatever is the term, a Bite Size Seminar program is an event scheduled during the lunch hour. Employees who attend bring their lunches and eat them during the training session. Or they could have a quick lunch and attend the training session after that. The training is usually less formal and less structured than normal corporate trainings.

The Bite Size Seminar series for corporate workforce covers compact take away nuggets of informative knowledge pertaining to soft skills that are useful to apply them in the workplace.


Benefits of Bite Size Seminar

The biggest benefit of a Bite Size Seminar program is that you are able to get more training delivered to your employees at minimal additional cost.

  • A Bite Size Seminar program doesn’t make more hours in the day, but it makes better use of the time you have.
  • Employees appreciate the voluntary nature of the training. Treating them like adults, makes them feel better about the company.
  • The trainers enjoy the spotlight of being able to share their expertise with others in the company.

Bottom line, a Bite Size Seminar program will give you better trained employees who are more motivated and productive.

Seminar topics listed below can all be delivered in 90 – 120 minute sessions. All seminars are interactive, multi-media and an effective combination of brief theory/concepts, followed by an emphasis on practical tools and workplace application.

Bite Size Seminars for Schools

Engaging Bite Size Seminars for Schools

1 The Basic Love & Respect Workshop For Parents Of Teens   [Suitable for parents with children of 10 years old to 19 years old]  An empowering programme intended for parents who yearn to understand how to relate to their teens better and motivate them towards where they are driven to go to fulfil their purpose in life.This programme puts every issue of parenting out in the open and breaks down the steps of first understanding oneself in order to understand others.

  • Have you found yourself questioning why you cannot understand your teen or tween?
  • Are you aware of the root of why your teenager is the way he or she is?
  • Learn the fundamentals of understanding what mistakes you may have done and how to avoid them in the future
  • Learn the basic techniques of communicating better with each other
  • Common mistakes made by parents in communicating with their teenage child
  • Learn to unblock negative beliefs and issues that can cause negative ways of how you bring up your children


2 Effective Parenting (Suitable for parents of children in P1 to P6) Gone are the days when strict discipline could quell a naughty child. With the Internet and television, children are now smarter and cheekier. A new parenting style is needed for a new age. In this talk, we’ll prepare you for common difficulties you can expect with your child. More importantly, we’ll share strategies for effective parenting that strengthens the parent-child bond. 
3 Learning Anchors (Suitable for parents of children in P1 to P6) Every child has the potential for academic success. So why do some children lag behind while others excel? It’s true that memory plays a role. But simply reproducing the facts doesn’t guarantee a distinction. Learning Anchors make the difference in a child’s performance. In our talk, we’ll help you understand the difference between study habits and learning skills. We’ll share approaches to training your children’s learning and communication skills. With the ability to convey their thoughts coherently and convincingly, your children will excel in examinations. 
4 Unlocking the Communication Code with your Child (Suitable for parents of children in P5 and P6)   Studies suggest that 90 to 95% of communication fails. Parents’ attitude can often be summed up as “I say, you do.” But a paradigm shift is needed if we want to engage our children. The parent-child relationship needs to transform to one where children feel engaged and aligned with their parents’ concerns. We’ll consider the reasons why children don’t relate to their parents and consequences this can have. You’ll be introduced to our Collaborative Operating System, a strategy for reshaping communication with your children into one of mutual engagement and cooperation. 
5 How to Choose a Secondary School (Suitable for parents of children in P6)   Choosing the right secondary school for your child is an extremely important process that will have a profound effect on their career path. During our talk, we will breakdown the process of choosing a secondary school in manageable portions. The workshop will create strategies for long term goals and visions for both you on your child. We will also address time management, exam skills, study and learning, how to properly research schools, and what are the important questions to ask to ensure that you have chosen the correct school for your child. 
1 Changes for Adults There are five key elements that continually shape and restructure our lives: Family, Friends, Education, Goals, and Lifestyle. Learning to deal with Changes within any of these elements is essential to developing new skills and reaching your personal goals. With our Changes workshop, you will be given the techniques needed for productive lifelong learning, self-realization, changing your mindset, and how to set and reach personal goals.
2 Unlimited Power: Unlocking the Communication Code Whether you’re at home, in the staffroom or in the classroom, communication is the key. In this talk, you’ll learn how psychology affects interaction and how to use this to your advantage in the classroom! How do you get someone’s attention? Appeal to their senses. Most people are primarily visual, auditory or kinesthetic communicators. We’ll share tips on identifying someone’s dominant communication mode from visual and verbal cues. You’ll learn how to make presentations accessible to different types of communicators.
3 Critical Thinking for Adults Feeling like you are stuck in a rut and not moving forward in your professional career? Maybe a talk in critical thinking might refresh your senses! Being a professional at work requires hard work. But being a good professional requires critical thinking. In this talk, you can think actively by learning to hear, evaluate, categorise and find relationships more effectively in your office!
4 Become a Successful Speaker When someone mentions public speaking, the first ideas that pop into your head are nervousness and fear. How about shifting your focus and think about how you can influence and affect people’s lives? Learn to throw away your insecurities and instill self-confidence with us! Let go of your fears and change other people’s lives as well as yours!
5 Improving Your Memory Many people have misconceptions about improving your memory. It does not mean your memory is failing. It merely means that you can learn to use your memory and strengthen it, eventually leading you to perform better at work! In our talk, we provide understanding of how our memory works and techniques for developing memory potential. More importantly, we have strategies that allow you to perform more efficiently in the office or at school!
6 Fundamentals of Success Gain tips on how to be successful anywhere and everywhere! Getting to the top may be as easy as learning how to ride a bicycle. With our talk, you can learn to possess a positive mind set and set goals so that you can visualize and attain your success! Also, learn to not only face fear but conquer it! We are here to help so you don’t have to do it alone!
7 “Eat that Frog” Time Management As papers and deadlines start piling up, some people get overwhelmed and helpless unsure of where to start. Stress levels start rising causing imbalance in their lifestyle. You can learn to EAT THAT FROG with us! Acquire knowledge in prior planning to avoid poor performance and overcome procrastination. When you start from the beginning, and take a step at a time to complete your job, your life becomes more manageable!
8 Anger Management for Adults Feeling angry all the time? Don’t know how to curb the anger that is seeping through your pores? Nip the problem in the bud before you make any rash actions! Learn how to deal with the angry feelings and most importantly, how to prevent them. Also, understand that expressing anger may not always exist in the form of physical violence. With these tips, you can be on your way to a happier lifestyle!
9 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Discover the secrets of the seven habits of highly effective people and apply them to your everyday life. In this talk, you learn ideas about being proactive, to put first things first and to understand other people before receiving understanding from them. With these seven habits, you can align these principles to maintain an efficient and effective lifestyle!
1 Critical Thinking (Suitable for students in P4 to P6) Cultivating good critical thinking habits is a lifelong skill that has applications in both academic and personal lives. Our workshops reveal the techniques on how to define and apply the different dynamics involved in critical thinking. Once these foundational techniques have been covered, we will explore how critical thinking can be developed through the skills of predicting, analysing, and synthesising. Ultimately, our workshops will maximise students’ potential as critical thinkers.
2 7 Habits of Highly Effective Pre-teens (Suitable for students in P5 to P6) Being a pre-teen today is much more difficult than in years past because of all of the distractions and technology that pre-teens face at increasingly early ages. With video games, cellphones and Facebook, pre-teens are challenged with issues that did not affect past generations. In this workshop, we will provide the tools to guide your pre-teen through the maze of right and wrong choices they face every day. We will provide the tools for your pre-teen to respect others, be honest, think and act positively, enhance talents, to take care of themselves, have a win-win attitude, and to put first things first.
3 Become a Successful Speaker (Suitable for P5 to P6, especially school leaders) To give a successful speech, students must be given the confidence and know-how to address the four core elements of conducting a successful speech. The four core elements of success will address the (1) Presentation (2) How to think positive (3) Preparation and (4) content. Our workshop will inspire students to become empowered speakers and overcome their fears of public-speaking!

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Bite Size Seminar Series for Corporate Workforce

1. The 4E’s of Leadership This session provides practical ideas/concepts on:1) Being an example to one’s staff;2) Encouraging Others;3) Engaging Others; and4) Evaluation.This session is fast paced, informative, interactive, multi-media, and a good balance of ideas, research, practice, sharing and reflection.
2. Making Meetings Magnificent This session covers practical recommendations for improving the structure and facilitation of meetings so as to ensure full participation and effective achievement of desired outcomes.   The program engages different learning styles, and includes “skill practice”.
3. Developing a Workplace Rules of Engagement Workplace relationships are the key to success.   In particular, the manager-team relationship is vital to group effectiveness and morale. The Workplace Rules of Engagement is a process to develop and maintain respectful, trustworthy, aligned and partnership-oriented relationships. This session outlines the need, the process, and then guides participants to develop a Workplace Rules of Engagement for their own group.
4. Love & Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership This is a short video by the same name, by author and consultant James Audry. It is wonderful and always very well received look at leadership.   In particular, the need for Honesty, Trust, Special Treatment and Courage. In this session, the video would be shown, followed by sub-group dialogue and personal action plan.
5. The Difference Between Management and Leadership This session presents ideas from Harvard’s John Kotter distinguishing between the behaviours associated with “management” and those associated with “leadership”. The theme is that both sets of behaviours are important, but that they are different, have different objectives and applications, and that both can be done by anyone with supervisory responsibility.
6. DISCovery – Finding Your Personality Style with Quick DISC Cards. In this session, they would learn about their DISC personality style, the meaning of this, and have a chance to share any action plan with colleagues. The benefits and limitations of knowing your style would be covered, as well as suggestions on how to leverage the “diversity” of style in their work group. (Note: This session would have an additional cost of $30.00 per participant if DISC Personality Type Booklet is requested).
7. Building High Performance Teamwork This session will look at various aspects of understanding and motivating teamwork (e.g. Form, Storm, Norm, Perform; BARE – belonging, achievement, recognition and equity; the need for exemplary “followership” etc.) Practical ideas and tools will be shared.
8. Crucial Conversations Key points from the best selling book by the same name will be shared, followed by recommendations on how to approach difficult subjects, remain assertive, advocate for you and your interests, and reach agreement without damaging relationships.
9. Managing Conflict in the Workplace This session includes opportunity for participants to share confidentially stories of workplace conflict, what worked and what didn’t. Several models and approaches to addressing and reducing conflict will be presented, followed by a short video and opportunity to “skill practice” scenarios involving conflict in the workplace.
10. Effective Presentation Skills This session includes ideas and tips on making powerful, attention-grabbing, and effective presentations. A short (20 minute) video is followed by brief concepts, and then ‘real-time’ skill practice in small groups, where everyone can make a short presentation and receive constructive feedback.
11. The Multigenerational Workforce: As Easy as X, Y, and B. For the first time in history, four generations are working alongside each other in the professional world. Having no past model or template to learn from, companies are struggling to successfully attract, hire, retain and cultivate these very diverse groups of employees. With generational biases and stereotypes running rampant, companies are losing out on top talent without even knowing it. In this session, participants will learn to appreciate the importance of understanding the ways generations work, interact, make decisions, communicate and approach the workplace.   Focusing on the most “misunderstood generations,” Gen Y, they will decode the behaviours and motivators of each generation and share tools you can leverage in employee selection and management.
12. The Brand Call YOU – Building Your Personal Brand We are all familiar with the power of a strong brand: Apple, Nike, Coke, Lady Gaga, JLo, and Michael Jordan, to name a few, and we all know how powerful these names are in the marketplace. But … have you ever thought of how important it is to create your personal brand? A brand image that is authentic and unique to who you are as a person? Well, if not, here is a great opportunity to learn more about how you can craft and market your personal brand and become an invaluable asset to your team, your management and your company.
13. The Power to Reinvent Yourself Life is short and the course is to help participants to be conscious of it and make the most of it, by grasping all opportunities. By taking care of themselves, the participants shall be able at the end of the course to shape their destiny and take important decisions to make a positive change in their lives. The objective of this short seminar is to shape your destiny and help you design your personal and professional career. The seminar brings the participants to go beyond their limits to a world of unlimited power and achievements.
 14.  The Positive Approach This short seminar aims to help you become more clear about your own identity, what you want in life – your life vision – and how to consciously transform your life for the better. You will learn how your beliefs shape your life experience and become aware of exactly how you are creating your reality. Each tip includes a practical element that you can apply during the week, so your life can genuinely start to improve and you make real progress toward manifesting your vision.
15. Work Less Accomplish More Do you know someone who seems to get more done – faster? Whether at work or home, some people just seem to have a knack for knocking out project after project without breaking a sweat. How do they do it? They may or may not be able to explain to you how they do it, but no doubt they have incorporated certain habits into their life that allow them to get much more done that almost everyone around them.And now you can learn those secret tool “Work Less Accomplish More” is a treasure trove of more than 25 very practical ways to become a top performer, no matter what job you are in. Whether you are just getting started and working your way up from the bottom rung of the ladder, or if you have been promoted several times and are struggling with an increasing amount of work to do – either way you will benefit immediately from the time-tested advice in this practical seminar.
16. Learn What Happy People Do Differently “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” Think being happy is something that happens as a result of luck, circumstance, having money, etc? Think again. Happiness is a mindset. And if you are looking to improve your ability to find happiness, then check out this seminar.
17. Love Your Customer, Respect Your Peers This programme is empowers staff with skills and knowledge to better deal with their customers, as well as to communicate and get along with their peers / team members. This short sharing session, they will take away some tips on how to be equipped with personal empowerment, effectiveness and leadership skills to motivate themselves, others and understand the overall fundamental human needs.
18. How Angklung can promote peace, harmony and team work in an organization   This session provides an active hands-on experience in:1) learning to play a unique & simple Indonesian musical instrument;2) understand & connect with our regional neighbour’s culture;3) patience, accuracy and discipline in playing the angklung on time to produce a continuous tune;4) understanding and singing both the melody and harmony, thus developing sound musical sense and teamwork.This session fully encourages participants to be active and have fun learning & making music together.
19. Angklung: the Art of Turning Pressure into Pleasure This session provides an active hands-on experience in:1) learning to play a unique & simple Indonesian musical instrument;2) “bringing out the child in you” and having fun outside the comfort zone;3) developing a musical skill in a relaxed environment;4) playing together in an instrumental ensemble.This session encourages participants to not just read, sing & play the songs, but move and swing together to release tension.
20. Be a Music Composer! Play the Angklung together This session provides an active hands-on experience in:1) learning to play a unique & simple Indonesian musical instrument;2) developing rhythm & tempo sense, thus enhancing discipline;3) understanding and playing the melody and harmony;4) composing simple and fun rhythm workouts and tunes on the angklung.5) performing for each other (individual or team contests).


21. Health Management: Teachers’ Wellness Programme. Delivered by a Health Care Professional. This wellness programme helps identify and address contemporary lifestyles, associated behaviors, and major health concerns of women in a teaching environment.

  • To understand healthy eating habits.
  • To understand the need to for physical activity
  • To consider ways in which we can minimise the effects of stress with effective and simple techniques.
  • To be aware of some health issues that affects women.


22. Achieving a State of Mindfulness The purpose of meditation is to cultivate those states of mind that are conducive to peace and well-being, and to eradicate those that aren’t.If we examine our life we will discover that most of our time and energy is devoted to mundane activities, such as seeking material and emotional security, enjoying sensory pleasures, or establishing a good reputation. Although these things can make us happy for a short time, they are not able to provide the deep lasting contentment that we long for. Sooner or later our happiness turns into dissatisfaction, and we find ourselves engaged in the pursuit of more worldly pleasures. Directly or indirectly, worldly pleasures cause us mental and physical suffering by stimulating attachment, jealousy, and frustration. Moreover, seeking to fulfill our own desires often bring us into conflict with others.In this non-religious and Universal meditation practice session, we explore ways to reduce the daily stress of life and find some inner peace and harmony within ourselves.


23. Basic Gift Wrapping & Ribbon Making Workshop  Gift Wrapping·   Introduction to Gift Wrapping: Types of wrappers & ribbons.·  Wrap a square box·  Wrap a round box·  Wrap an irregular shape item.  Time to dress up your gift boxes with ribbon designs·  Simple Bow Ribbon or Rosette ribbon

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