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ABOUT DISC Profiling System

The DiSC tool helps individuals better understand themselves and others in a specific work environment to strengthen team bonding through better understanding of self and others. Participants will receive a DiSC Personalized Assessment that will reveal a person’s natural tendencies and behaviours when it comes to dealing with others and situations in their current work environment.

Your style is usually one dominant and 1 or 2 back-up styles:

• D is Dominant,
• I is Influencer
• S is Steady
• C is Conscientious

You will find this personality profiling training session very helpful to every level of the organizations or even at personal level . After the course, it will be easy to pick out the types of your team members, friends and family members. The workshop not only teaches the four styles, but also teaches how to flex your style and communications to interface better with the other three styles.

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