Art of Influence in Sales – the Asian Way

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1 day

Course Date:

Jan 22 (Fri)

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Program Description


“Influence” is about one’s capacity to alter or create an effect on the behavior of people.


The Art of Influence (AOI), is there about an enhanced ability to alter a person’s behavior, to move them towards taking action, helping the practitioner(s) attract their target audience and amplify their desired results.


Far from merely chasing prospects and trying to persuade them to buy, the AOI leverages on the 7 Universal Laws of Influence that allows helps the practitioner find common ground with a prospect’s natural motivations and help them to find grounds for mutual agreement.


In one hour, you will learn about how the fundamentals of the Art of Influence, and:

1) The Four Key Areas of What People Want

2) Art of Perceived Credibility & Sincerity

3) Art of Questioning to Achieve Alignment with Your Customers

4) Bonus: The Art of Connection in Asia


Duration:  1 day


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