Enhance Your Customer Service with Effective Communication *(March 2019)

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Mar 7 (Thurs) , Mar 8 (Fri)

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This programme is intended to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to relate others better whether they are internal or external customers.
Do you find it challenging to deal with difficult customers, or colleagues? Have you ever experienced communication breakdowns and misunderstanding with your colleagues?
Are you aware of how to deal with various personalities and backgrounds of different people? Do you know why some people may understand the message you deliver while others wont ?
This programme is designed for the employees of the insurance / finance industry to have the skills and knowledge to better deal with their customers, as well as to communicate and get along with their peers. They will be equipped with personal empowerment, effectiveness and leadership skills to motivate themselves, others and understand the overall fundamental human needs. This programme will be excellent for those who have to excel in their lives, lead others as well as be a team player, set an example, and manage team mates to reach a goal. They will also learn more about themselves and release negative thoughts and emotions that may hold back their performance at work.
The Accelerated Learning Technology used in this course is unique to the brand of the workshop as participants learn 400% faster than any other courses.  This workshop is designed to help participants to be proactive, responsible and empowered. Every participant will benefit from this training by learning how to live a happy and contented life while achieving personal and professional goals. Companies or organizations will benefit by having motivated, focused, confident employees who know how to bring added value to their work.

Venue:  190 Clemenceau Avenue #06-08, Singapore 239924.

Course Date:  7th and 8th March 2019 .                               Time:  9.00 am – 5.00 pm


About the Trainer


BA (Sociology & Economics – NUS), NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach.


MURSHIDAH SAID is an independent speaker and adviser of grooming, personal care and corporate image for individuals and corporations. A graduate of the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology in 1993, Murshidah runs successful businesses for more than 10 years expanding throughout Asia that teaches entrepreneurship to teenagers and adults.

Murshidah has over 10 years of personal grooming and personal image training experience to teenagers, corporate executives and government level executives. She also owns a convention organising and event management company and has organised over 150 projects spanning the Asia Pacific region (including Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Sydney) since 1993.

When working in a multinational exhibitions organizing company in 1995, Murshidah was the youngest appointed Conference Manager heading the Asia Pacific Conference Department team in less than a year. Upon starting her own Convention Management company in 1997, Murshidah was appointed to be the Conference Consultant for the Multimedia Super-corridor Conference after being appointed as the emcee for the global IT convention in 1996. She then went on to organize major events like ITS Malaysia in 1998 with Advanstar Communications from USA, and helped IT companies event manage their product launches as part of their PR efforts between 1998-2004. Some of the companies she worked with in her business include Sun Microsystems, ECS Malaysia, ZD Events, Epicor and Porter Novelli.

After 13 years in the events and conference organizing industry, Murshidah went on to discover her passion of empowering people and helping them to excel in their lives. After overcoming major financial and emotional challenges during business difficulties in 2002-2005, Murshidah started working with individuals as a personal coach to coach and empower them to take personal action to transform themselves and their lives.

She is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a certified life coach recognised by the American Board of NLP, NBPES and NLP University (USA). She is also a certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practioner issued by Global Sciences Foundation (USA). She is also trained in the areas of Accelerated Learning and whole being learning to achieve better education for participants. Murshidah is a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner. Murshidah’s courses address the importance of education for the WHOLE BEING, ie incorporating the interconnection of body, mind, heart and spirit. Even the skills based programmes she conducts include the emphasis on the spirit which is hardly addressed in most corporate and management trainings. She emphasizes on principles-based practices in her courses.

As the developer of Love & Respect Program, her vision is to instil, remind and incalcate a culture of love and respect for fellow peers, parents, siblings and friends. Therefore, Love & Respect program can be applied in both corporate learning and family bonding courses.

In 2005, Murshidah was trained and certified to be a beauty workshop specialist and since then has been conducting grooming, skincare, personal care and makeup programmes to many corporations, institutions and individuals alike. Her passion is to help people look great and feel great by gaining more self-confidence and attraction through networking skills, motivation, inspiration and proper advice on inner and outer personal image. She is often invited to speak at conferences and be an emcee at events. Some of her clients for personal grooming and makeup include Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Westin Hotel, Pan

Pacific Hotel, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Damansara Specialist Hospital, National University Hospital of Singapore, Tawakal Hospital. Between the years 2005-2007, she has also trained teenagers from the Secondary Schools in Singapore on proper grooming and etiquette, how to gain confidence and public speaking skills as well as given talks of having a healthy lifestyle.



Murshidah is a regular speaker at conferences and is currently working on her first book. She is a regular speaker and motivator on Hello on Two on RTM2, is a resident speaker on Image on the Breakfast Show on NTV7, has been interviewed with Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar on Bernama’s BizTalk, and interviewed on Image on BFM the Business Station in Malaysia. In Singapore, she was a guest

motivation speaker on Warna Radio’s Business Programme, Paradigma. She is the Image Consultant featured in New Man magazine’s September issue and is in Jutawan magazine’s September issue. She is a contributing writer to Aquila Asia, a woman’s lifestyle magazine. She was also the featured Transformation Coach on KISS92 FM radio station in Singapore. Murshidah is the brand Ambassador and educator of the WORLD HIJAB DAY, a global movement that promotes better understanding of the Hijab. She has been interviewed by HuffPost Live, Mob TV, Astro Oasis, The Star, and featured in the Malaysian Insider.



Murshidah is the Singapore envoy for Rootwommers, a word of mouth marketing consultancy and networking platform for entrepreneurs where she works with businesses to increase profits through systemised word of mouth marketing. She works and coaches entrepreneurs to increase profits and business through the power of networking, word of mouth, values and the Laws of Giving and Gratitude.



Murshidah is also an active advocate in helping the marginalised groups of people in Malaysia which includes the homeless, sex workers, runaway teens, abused women and children, those living in poverty. She conducts regular visits to raise awareness of the people in need and conducts street feeding activities to reach out to the homeless. She works with NGOs to conduct Mindset Change programmes for the people in need as well as for the volunteers and counselors. She sits in the Economic Committee of Baitul Fiqh, a shelter for women in Kuala Lumpur.

Murshidah has a 9 year old daughter, and is a business partner with her husband who is also her life coach. An avid traveller and adventurer, Murshidah is resourceful and jovial and participants of her workshops are guaranteed of lively and fun sessions where they learn to expand their social skills and perform beauty and life makeovers. Her love for learning, colours, music, dance and movies are brought into the workshops that she conducts.

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