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Making Impactful Presentation That Close Sales

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2 days

Course Date:

Jan 19-20 (Tues-Wed), Mar 22-23 (Tues-Wed)

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Increase your sales with impactful & persuasive presentation skills.

Program Description


Imagine mastering the art of make an impactful and persuasive presentation, speaking with confidence and connecting with your audience.Tap into one of the world’s finest persuasive tools known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and discover how you can follow the footsteps of great presenters and orators such as current US President Barack Obama, the late Apple founder Steve Jobs or Alibaba founder Jack Ma in mastering the art of persuasive speaking. Discover the number one reason why most people tend to struggle with making any significant impression, and how you can use impactful and influential language patterns in your own presentations to persuade anyone with panache.What you will learn
  1. Avoid the biggest mistake that speakers often make in persuasive presentations
  2.  Understand what the Trojan Horse effect™ and how to apply it in influence
  3. Embed subconscious commands in your speeches with at least 5 different language patterns
  4. Discover 3 critical components to influential communication
  5. Think on your feet and overcome the the fear of impromptu speaking


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