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QuestBiz Entrepreneurship Board Game – Professional Development, entrepreneurship

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1 day

Course Date:

Jan 22 (Fri), Feb 26 (Fri)

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Whether you are an entrepreneur with many years of experience, or newly start-up, you would gain an in-depth insight on how to effectively strategise your business directions, manage and operate your businesses after playing QuestBiz Entrepreneurship Board Game that brings doing business in the real world to life. At the same time, it would encourage greater members bonding and getting better acquainted with each other especially during a business networking session.

About The Game

The QuestBiz Entrepreneurship Board Game combines the best of your favourite board games into a business context where you run your own business and compete, collaborate and negotiate with other players. The game play is designed to recreate the real life thrills and challenges of entrepreneurship in a fun and educational social learning experience.

Activities are expertly designed to enable you to experience the true challenges of entrepreneurship, and at the same time, it provides an engaging and experiential group learning opportunity.

Unlike books, courses, seminars, or common “opoly” style business games, our board game brings learning to life. The board game format enables a type of group learning which may be difficult to capture using role-playing exercises or software-based business simulations.

Activities include:

  • Buying, Pricing and Selling Products
  • Paying Expenses
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Investing in Product Quality and Marketing (Brand)
  • Negotiating with other players
  • Interacting with other players through Q&A, drawing, charades, trivia, word puzzles, and more!
  • Evaluating Success by Calculating Equity

….. and much more!

Learning Outcomes

Gain knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, business, finance, marketing, communication (verbal and non-verbal), observation, negotiation, planning, economics, critical thinking, analysis, decision-making, mental arithmetic, and more!


Why the Board Game is so unique?

  • Fun & Educational

The board game is expertly designed to be both fun and educational. Every activity is carefully selected to provide a specific learning outcome, while not compromising the entertainment value of the overall experience.

  • Variety

Repeated board games activity = boring!

Our board game merges activities from popular games so players have a variety that keeps interest level high.

  •  No Waiting

Compared to other board games, where every player has to wait their turn to play. Here, players remain engaged in the game because they don’t find themselves “waiting for their turn”.

  • Collaborative

Unlike many board games which require minimal interaction between players, our board game constantly has players interacting, collaborating and competing. This approach leverages the benefits of group dynamics to create a positive social learning experience.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners / entrepreneurs
  • Senior management / C-suites
  • Marketing and Sales Managers / Directors
  • Corporate Business Managers / Intrepreneurs
  • School students taking entrepreneurship programs.

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Program Description

QuestBiz Entrepreneurship Board Game – Professional Development, entrepreneurship